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Welcome to The Charter School Substitute Teacher Network

Welcome to the Charter School Substitute Teacher Network (CSSTN).  If your charter school is scrambling to find qualified substitutes for your classrooms or if you need more personalized support, CSSTN can help! The unique feature about CSSTN is that there are no upfront fees. You pay only when you call for one of our substitute teachers.  CSSTN fills many types of assignments including short term, long term, and permanent teacher placement.

Why CSSTN is the best choice for you:

Schools are relieved from recruiting, dispatching, maintaining files, and payroll. CSSTN’s staff makes the early morning and late evening phone calls to provide classroom coverage as needed. CSSTN customizes our services meet the exact needs of your charter school.

We provide highly qualified substitute teachers to meet the needs of students in each classroom. We interact regularly with school administrators to assure that CSSTN has satisfied the school classroom needs.

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