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Atlanta, Georgia
Dorothy Crowley
Charter School Substitute Teacher Network, LLC of Atlanta
Coordinator, Atlanta District
404-200-1048 (Office)
404-344-7133 (Fax)
web address:

New York, NY
C. Andrea Birkett
Teach School Now, INC
Coordinator, New York District
917-517-3478 (Office)
866-687-8331 (Fax)
web address:

Washington, DC
Frederick Birkett
21st Century Network Staffing
Coordinator, DC District
808-469-1944 (Office)
web address:

Cherrish Walker
Tennessee Substitute Staffing Network, LLC
Coordinator, Tennessee District
901-239-2816 (Office)
web address:

Candice Crowley
Ohio Charter School Substitute  Network, LLC
Coordinator,  Ohio
513-456-7580 (Office)
web address:

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